How to improve your safety?

In times of pandemic, it becomes extremely important to follow healthy and safe rules of coexistence, including wearing masks in confined spaces. How can we increase our safety when we obey the rules but the people around us do not?

Many good things can be said about Poles, but our nation is certainly not best at subordination. Even when wearing masks to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission was required to move in public spaces, only 41.1 per cent of Poles wore them while on the streets and in other public spaces, according to a report prepared by SW Research agency on behalf of BISAF. It was slightly better in shops and service points (here 67.6% of the respondents wore them, of which 28.7% did it sometimes) and on public transport (58.5%) [1].

Foresightful as an Asian?

In the countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, or Singapore, wearing masks that cover mouths and noses was for many people part of everyday ritual even before the pandemic broke out. East Asians are not only more disciplined as societies, they are also more experienced – masks on the faces of passers-by have been a normal sight in Asian cities since the SARS epidemic of 2002. However, surgical masks were worn in the Far East much earlier – in 1910-1911 in China they were used as protection against the spread of the pneumonic plague epidemic in Manchuria, and in Japan they were worn between 1918 and 1920 when Spanish flu raged. It is also believed that it was during the Manchurian epidemic that the surgical mask was invented and popularized by Wu Lien-teh, a Cambridge-educated physician from the area of the present-day Malaysia, who led the campaign against the pneumonic plague on behalf of the Chinese government (and was nominated to the Nobel Prize for his merits) [2].

Two more factors are relevant to understanding why masks are so popular in Asia.  First, it is the high level of smog, which Asians protect themselves from inhaling by wearing masks (in 11 countries of South-East Asia people live 1.4 years shorter than they would if the air was cleaner and met the requirements of the World Health Organization. Researchers at the University of Chicago estimate that up to 89% of the region’s 650 million residents breathe polluted air every day) [3]. The second is the social mentality of Asians, according to which, especially the Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese believe that by wearing masks (also when, for example, they themselves have an upper respiratory infection), they protect against infection other members of the society of which they feel part.

Increase your safety

That is why it is so important to take care to protect ourselves, especially in an era of loosening pandemic restrictions that some Poles are happy to reject altogether. This can be aided by a new medical device – Bloxivir in the form of nasal and oral gels, which supports the natural barrier properties of the nasal mucosa and constitute a mechanical barrier against pathogens penetrating into the body and multiplying. Clinical studies have proved the effectiveness of substances in Bloxivir that form a kind of protective shield against viruses when used together in our nose and mouth. These are:

  • Carrageenan, which binds directly to the virus but does not bind to cells, thus stopping viruses and preventing migration into cells. Thus, carrageenan disrupts the life cycle of the virus at a very early stage due to its physical mechanism of action.
  • Ectoine, which acts as a moisturizing and protective agent for the nasal mucosa.
  • Sodium hyaluronate, which is a humectant, helps retain water, increases viscosity of the solution. Thanks to its mucoadhesive properties and ability to retain water, it gives the product adhesive properties to the mucous membrane, which prolongs the time of gel presence on the mucous membranes.

Bloxivir works immediately after application, blocking the way for viruses to penetrate the mucosa. The substance is designed for daily protection against viral infections. It will be appreciated by anyone who wants to further protect themselves and/or others in everyday situations from contracting viruses and coronaviruses that cause the common cold, flu and COVID-19. Bloxivir also reduces the transmission of viruses to healthy people.





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